CloverETL Release 2.9.2

April 27, 2010

Javlin, a leading provider of ETL and data integration solutions, announced today the release of CloverETL version 2.9.2. The CloverETL version 2.9.2 brings the following changes:

CloverETL Server 2.9.2

  • Supports WebSphere 7

CloverETL Designer 2.9.2

New Feature:

  • Multiple external elements (metadata, connections, etc.) can now be linked by multiselect in file dialog


  • SQL-2-Clover and vice versa type conversions optimized
  • SQLite support improved
  • Added record type in Variables tab of Transform Editor
  • Fixed Oracle-specific crash with specific driver-level Java access
  • Fixed slow DB extract metadata for large table
  • Added "parent" and "root" buttons to file dialog
  • Double-dash comments in SQL are now possible
  • Invalid metadata in extract from flat file can now be save on user request
  • CTL editor fixed - rarely break CTL code syntax
  • Mac specific GUI fixes (font size, shortcut keys)

CloverETL Engine 2.9.2


  • Example projects using DB migrated to Derby - easy setup for newbies
  • FastSort NPE fix with non-nullable record and no default value
  • Fixed XLSWriter long sheet names issue
  • Fixed occasional NPE in DataIntersection
  • Fixed DB2DataWriter not finishing in pipe mode
  • SQLite support improved
  • Fixed ExtSort sorting composed key with nulls incorrectly
  • Fixed fields delimited by "\n" - doubling backslash
  • CloverDataReader is now able to read without index file
  • Fixed Reading timestamps from xls sheets