CloverETL 3.3.0-M1 – Simplified Processing of Excel Spreadsheets

March 8, 2012

Go The Extra Mile with the New CloverETL Milestone Release

Javlin is proud to offer users its new milestone release CloverETL 3.3.0-M1. A milestone release is great for users who want new features as soon as they come along. With a milestone, there's no need to wait for a production release to begin testing new feature implementation into your IT operations.

This particular milestone release brings users a great list of enhancements, the major improvement being the new Spreadsheet components for easier parsing and processing of Excel data:

  • Now in the Excel is the ability to read or produce enormous Excel spreadsheets - as the new Excel works with millions of rows. 
  • Mapping of Excel headers and records is made easy and intuitive through a brand new visual editor
  • The creation of metadata is automated.
  • To generate standardized Excel reports and files, users can take advantage of Excel templates or overwriting and appending to existing files. 

Also included in this release is the ability for users to lock graph elements as a "safety warning" for other users attempting to make changes to the work's structural integrity.

Another change is the new metadata organization system, especially useful for projects containing a large number of metadata to improve work efficiency.

For more details about the full list of features in this milestone release see the information page or the release notes.

Also, check out our new video on basic mapping in 3.3.0-M1 now (there are more videos on the information page):