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    • [e-book] Data Migrations

    Data Migration for Humans

    What is a data migration—really? How involved do you need to be in the process? Is it just an IT problem, or does the whole business have to devote attention to it?

    • [guide] Data Migrations

    The Guide to Data Migration Projects

    The Guide to Data Migration Projects breaks down a typical data migration into 13 project stages. It explores best practices and some red flags so that you can take the right approach to delivering your project.

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    • Anonymization

    Addressing Data Anonymization Challenges

    With a well-designed data anonymization process, it's possible for businesses to obtain reliable test data that provides the same use case coverage as the original production data—without falling victim to data security, privacy, and licensing issues. This white paper discusses reasons for and best practices of data anonymization and the advantages of a maintainable, customizable approach with CloverETL.

    • Best Practices

    Designing Data Applications The Right Way

    Utilizing the power of a data integration tool, organizations can future-proof towards large data volumes and complexity. This white paper discusses how to make the most of the data integration layer when designing data applications.

    • Best Practices

    Designing Your Data Future

    It's no secret that data assets are increasing exponentially. With this dramatic growth in volume and complexity, the need to move, manipulate, and analyze data is taking center stage. Today's imperative is to design a data workflow optimized for performance, agility, and usability.