Event Analyzer for CloverETL 

Event Analyzer extension for CloverETL provides a powerful and easy-to-use toolset for processing data based on events such as log records, transactions, measurements, alerts, and more. Using the techniques of Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology, the Event Analyzer can:

  • group events according to their timestamp
  • seek specific event patterns, identify missing events
  • detect changes in the flow of events
  • compute time-dependent characteristics

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Please note that the Event Analyzer BETA package is no longer available.


An overview video of the Event Analyzer

How to use the Event Analyzer to analyze an eshop web log

Key Features

  • Process record timestamps - Transactions such as logs and measurements that contain timestamps can be processed to reveal discrepancies, frauds, and more.
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) - CEP techniques are embedded in as components that provide a simple interface to access the CEP technology.
  • Integration with CloverETL - The Event Analyzer and CloverETL core components are available for use right away.
  • Performance - Special techniques such as in-memory time windows achieve high data processing performance.

Domains of Use

  • Log analysis Event Analyzer will help you process system logs, web logs, access logs, or logs from various devices. You can use Event Analyzer for grouping isolated events into meaningful situations and detect missing events or unexpected delays. 
  • SLA and compliance monitoring - Event Analyzer will help you compute time-based characteristics of monitored system behavior, then use them as key performance indicators or SLA parameters. You can check if the system properly reacts and satisfies given rules.
  • Fraud detection - Event Analyzer is ready to help you to find unwanted or suspicious event sequences or missing events that may indicate either poor system functioning, fraud, or system misuse.

CloverETL Designer with Event Analyzer

Data integration software and ETL tools provided by the CloverETL platform offer solutions for such data management tasks such as data integration, data migration, or data quality. CloverETL is a vital part of such enterprise solutions as data warehousing, business intelligence (BI) or master data management (MDM). CloverETL’s flagship applications are CloverETL Designer and Server. CloverETL Designer is a visual data transformation designer that helps define data flows and transformations in a quick, visual, and intuitive way. CloverETL Server is an enterprise ETL runtime environment. It offers a set of enterprise features such as automation, monitoring, user management, real-time ETL, clustering, or cloud data integration.