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CloverETL Designer

Replace code with visuals

CloverETL Designer is a visual tool for development, debugging and manual execution of data transformations. It fully integrates with CloverETL Server to bring visual job flows and interactive collaboration to your desktop.

  • Rapid prototyping

    CloverETL doesn't need extensive data models or long pages of code.

  • Friendly development environment

    Intuitive visual commands and controls are built .

  • Extensive connectors

    Connect to any data source or format, from text and Excel files to Web Services, NoSQL and cloud databases.

  • Debugging out-of-the-box

    No need to setup cumbersome reporting or logging. Troubleshoot issues on the fly.

  • Coding & extending

    Inject custom code for advanced logic to modify or generate new processes (CTL, Java native support + other languages such as Javascript, Python, etc. via bridge)

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Windows / Mac / Linux

CloverETL allowed uSell to focus more on their data, and less on the problems that they had trying to integrate their data on a day-to-day basis.

Himanshu Verma, Y Point Analytics / uSell   →   Watch Video

CloverETL Server

Move to a fully automated data pipeline

CloverETL Server is an enterprise-grade data integration platform for runtime and orchestration.
Schedule, trigger and monitor data transformations and workflows as reliable services.

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  • Powerful job flows orchestration

    Put individual data integration jobs and related tasks into a jobflow that the Server will manage for you.

  • Monitoring and Error Handling

    Your support teams will love being able to set up monitoring triggers from simple emails to complex error handling jobflows.

  • Scheduling & Triggers

    CloverETL comes with an advanced scheduler and event manager that can trigger jobs automatically.

  • User Management

    CloverETL Server includes a built-in permission manager that can integrate with existing LDAP/ActiveDirectory scheme.

  • API Automation

    Control CloverETL Server via extensive SOAP and REST APIs to integrate with other software platforms.

  • Publish as Web Service

    Publishing data transformations as a Web Service allows you to create seamless real-time integrations with other systems.

To build a lasting relationship, it was important for us to choose a provider with the right expertise in which we could place our confidence.

Jamie Jenner, Co-Founder autoVHC   →  Watch Video

CloverETL Cluster

Scale up for performance and robustness

CloverETL Cluster brings multi-node data integration architecture for parallel processing and high availability. Cluster is a robust platform capable of processing large volumes of data quickly and reliably.

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  • Parallel Processing

    Process large datasets on multiple nodes using advanced partitioning and parallel transformation design

  • Redundancy / High Availability

    Assure your operations are running 24/7 with redundant live backup instances.

  • Load Balancing

    Spread out large numbers of parallel jobs onto multi-node multi-CPU cluster with automatic balancer.

CloverETL allows us to do things we wouldn't be able to do otherwise, due to budget restraints.

James Williamson, IT Coordinator   →  Watch Video