Develop, debug and run on desktop

  • Supports PC/Mac/Linux
  • Hadoop/HDFS support
  • Subgraphs sharing
  • Advanced Excel connector
  • Web Services connector
  • CloverCARE Support


Basic scheduling & Multi-user platform

  • 8 CPU cores max
  • Secure parameters
  • Execution history tracking
  • Parallel execution of transformations
  • Multi-user access/security
  • Real-time capabilities
  • Basic Scheduling


Parallel processing & Failover Redundancy

  • In addition to Corporate:
  • 32+ CPU cores
  • 2+ nodes
  • Distributed execution / Big Data
  • Load balancing
  • Failover
  • Autoscaling

Perpetual licensing - Pay only once

Note: 20% annual maintenance fee entitles "CloverCARE Support" access - plus two major version updates per annum.

Flexible licensing options available upon request

Training and Services Pricing

Standard Training

$8,000/ 3 Days

Class up to 8 people


Covers basic concepts, reading/writing files and databases. Developing, debugging and optimizing transformations and jobflows.

Advanced Training

$6,000/ 2 Days

Class up to 8 people


Enhances standard training with Server deployment, advanced data sources & target (WebServices, XML, JSON). Advanced optimization techniques.

Our training sessions include best practices guidelines with proven solutions. Offers hands-on experience and Q&A learning environment. Students receive certification post-training.

Services / Proof of Concept

74% of our customers contracted a Proof of Concept or initial services package with our team.


Get started together with our consulting team!

We can prepare a Proof of Concept prototype and assist you developing the initial solution.

Additional modules

  • CloverETL Designer (multi-license)

    Enterprise multi-license for CloverETL Designer
    (for 10+ seats)

  • CloverETL Server Corporate Plus

    A Server Corporate package including 1 production license and 1 non-production license.

  • CloverETL Server Corporate
    (High Parallelism)

    Server Corporate with single-node Cluster enabled features works great as a stepping stone towards larger deployments enabling you to design future-proof parallel data transformations.

Interested in buying?

Data integration software and ETL tools provided by the CloverETL platform offer solutions for such data management tasks such as data integration, data migration, or data quality. CloverETL is a vital part of such enterprise solutions as data warehousing, business intelligence (BI) or master data management (MDM). CloverETL’s flagship applications are CloverETL Designer and Server. CloverETL Designer is a visual data transformation designer that helps define data flows and transformations in a quick, visual, and intuitive way. CloverETL Server is an enterprise ETL runtime environment. It offers a set of enterprise features such as automation, monitoring, user management, real-time ETL, clustering, or cloud data integration.