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About the Author

Before I started to use Clover, I was new to the field of ETL.I am not a developer, although I did litter a few products with my messy code many years ago


Getting to grips with Clover was a little scary as there are so many options and the fact that data transformations are not very visual makes things harder still.


Clover is a product that has a huge amount of functionality and, as with most products with such hidden depths, the challenge is to try to achieve user friendliness without dumbing down the product.


Manuals are often very intimidating and people often try to take shortcuts by avoiding 3-day training courses, reading manuals and doing the other things they should do. I put myself into this category and so I decided to write this Quick Start Guide so that other new lazy or time-pressured Clover newbies can get up and running as quickly as possible.


This Guide can also be used to see how various important aspects of the product work. You can watch videos and see how certain steps are performed before you even download and evaluate the product.


Freddy May