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How the QSG Is Organized

We are going to take a progressive approach to learning Clover ETL, starting with a basic example and then getting more and more advanced. I strongly recommend you work through as many of these examples as you can by actually using the product in parallel. This will really help you get a faster understanding of the product.


You will also find videos throughout the guide at the appropriate points you need them. Those videos contain precisely as much information as written examples. Once again, you are strongly advised to manually perform the examples yourself instead of just covering the videos. On no account should you become a couch-potato who just plays the videos. Such dangerous approach would lead to a point in which you understand how Clover ETL is organized, but you are unable to perform even elementary tasks. A good way to work with the videos is to use them as a reference when you get lost.


One way or another, you can find a summary of all Videos contained in the QSG in a separate chapter.