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Our first Graph

We are now ready to start building a transformation Graph.



1.In the Navigator panel on the left hand side, select the "Graph" folder.
2.Right click and select "New" and then "ETL Graph"
3.Name it "LoadCustomers"
4.Press "Next" and then "Finish"
5.You will now have an empty graph in the main window
6.On the right hand side of the graph should be a toolbar labeled "Palette". If you cannot see it, press the arrow to expand the toolbar properly.
7.Experiment with collapsing the accordion panes within the toolbar.
8.Locate the section called "Readers" and select "Universal Data Reader" and drag it onto the Graph.



We now have a simple graph that looks like this.




Let's now tell the component where the file is that we want to read.



1.Double-click on the component to bring up the property window.
2.Select the "File URL" property and on the right of the property will be a '...' button. Press it.
3.Don't do this just now, but you could locate your file within your local filesystem or even from a URL

from this dialog. Instead, double-click the customers.csv file we loaded earlier on. If you cannot see it, locate the "data-in" directory.

4.Click "OK" and you will be back at the main property window. You will then see that the file was added to the path.
5.Now locate the "Number of skipped records" property and set this to 1. This ensures that the field names are not read in as proper data.
6.Pres "OK"  to return to the main graph.
7.Save your graph.





Alternative way of adding a UniversalDataReader and setting "customers.csv" to its FileURL:


1.Click the "customers.csv" file in the Navigator.
2.Drag it to a free space of your graph.
3.Drop it.