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Mixing in data from a Database

This video shows how we can mix data from different types of data sources. In this case, I am going to replace the Customers.csv file with data being taken from a MySQL Database.



1.If you do not own a database of your own, you can still practice the steps described in the video. The only thing to do is to create your graph in one of the example projects (e.g. graphDatabaseAccess.grf in Help - Welcome - Examples - Accessing a Database). A sample Derby database can be used from there.
2.If you want to build this yourself, use the previous example (Joining / Aggregating) and replace one of the csv files with a database table. I suggest you import one into a database table and then you know what results to expect.







Replacing customers.csv with a MySQL table




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Did you know that you can read a file that is stored somewhere on the web simply by using its URL in the File URL property of the Universal Data Reader?