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Metadata for the new format

Let's assume that we want to read in the "customers.csv" file and map 3 fields into a different output format with following fields




Hopefully I explained the concepts well enough that you can see that we have to define another Metadata item to define this format. We are going to do this manually as we don't have a text file or database to get it from yet.



1.Right click on the Metadata collection in the Outline panel.
2.Select "New metadata" and then "User defined".
3.Add in the fields shown below. Be sure to rename the Metadata to "CustomerSummary". Us the '+' icon to add new fields.
4.Save the metadata and you will now have two items in the Metadata collection.





We won't delve into the inner details of this dialog and all of the properties, but you should be aware that there are a lot of features here to help you define very flexible field characteristics, such as delimiter characters at the field, row and even file level. You can also set default values and more. You may want to delve into this more when you confront an issue that requires it.