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Http / POST

I think most people know what the difference between GET and POST is, but if anyone wants a nice definition, try this



Go the the Web Service example page and scroll down the the POST example. It sets out nicely what it expects



POST /WeatherWS/Weather.asmx/GetCityForecastByZIP HTTP/1.1


Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Content-Length: length




From this, we can deduce that the correct URL is
we need to have "ZIP=<MyZIPCode>" as our Request content.




SO, we have set the following parameters


URL to
Request Method to POST
Request Content to "ZIP=94028"
We also set the Output file URL, as with our GET example. If you want to see how to use input/output ports, please look at the SOAP example in the next section. The SOAP example contains an example of us parsing this return XML in Clover using the XMLXPathReader component and ports.


If you like, check out the video (last topic in this chapter) at the end of this Chapter.