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General Comments

Most readers who are interested in processing XML will probably be bristling with XML Editors and tools. Some of you, however, may be occasional consumers of XML. In this case I recommend you get your hands on a good tool that can save you lots of time when examining or editing XML related documents.


One thing I often reach for, especially when putting together this sort of material, is a tool that infers an XSD schema from XML. In my case, I had various bits of XML and wanted to create XSDs for this QSG rather than doing it by hand. You XML geniuses will have to forgive my crude approach to this.


Here are some providers


Rinzo XML Editor for Eclipse -
Oxygen -
Liquid XML (has Community Edition and a good XML->XSD inferrer) :
Visual Studio obviously has loads on this stuff


Please email me other good editors that cover all the bases, especially Eclipse ones.