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Defining Metadata for our customer data

In order to pass data from the Reader to another component, we have to define Metadata that can be assigned to the Edge that will join them together.



1.To save us some time, right-click on the "customers.csv" file in the "data-in" folder and then select "properties". Copy the "Location" path to the clipboard. We will paste this in a moment.
2.In Eclipse, below the Navigator, locate the panel called "Outline".
3.Locate "Metadata", right-click it and select "New Metadata" and then "Extract from flat file".
4.You will now need to find the full path to your "customers.csv" file. Paste the path  that we just copied into the "File Name" field and press Next. ALTERNATIVE: Click "customers.csv" in the Navigator, drag it downwards and drop it onto "Metadata".




5.Press "Next" and you will see it has read in the file quite nicely. However, we can ask Clover to extract the fieldnames for us.
6.Select the "Extract names" checkbox and then press "Reparse". You should now see that all the fields are correctly populated.
7.Finally, to give the Metadata a proper name, rename the name of the record from "recordName1" to "Customers". This is the topmost item if the fields list, above the fields themselves.
8.Make sure you tab out of this field otherwise it will not be saved correctly.




9.Press "Finish".
10.You will now see the Metadata item in the Metadata collection. You can go back and edit it from here of course.