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Available Graph Components

Graph components are the fundamental processes that operate on data. They are divided up into the following sections that you will find within the toolbar palette. While you do not have to master their actual use, you should be fully aware of what tools you have at your disposal BEFORE you leap in and try to build real transformations.


If you do not do this, you will spend quite some time trying to bash a square peg into a round hole. I ended up with a fair few mangled pegs myself.


Readers - these are the various components for reading in data from any external data source.
Writers - these are responsible for outputting data from the Transformation into Databases, Files, Web Services, LDAP and other targets.
Transformers - these are the clever bits that help you transform your data from one format to another. You can map fields, sort, merge, aggregate, normalize, denormalize and a lot more. It is VITAL that you understand what each of these operations does.
Joiners - these are also very clever and enable you to combine various data sources into one or more data outputs.
Others - these you will need less often but you should still know what they are for.


For a full overview of available components, go to the following link


If you cannot find a component that you would need to connect to you own data in a critical way, new components can be built, so please enquire if you would like to discuss this.