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Advanced Topics

To get the most out of this section you should have run through the Beginner and better still the Intermediate section also.


I have mentioned this before, but I will say it again purely because I am still positively surprised at how many things Clover can do. Sometimes the functionality is tantalizingly buried and you will not find it easily if at all.


The reason I mention this is that I have often tried to do rather complex things only to find out that Clover has a great piece of functionality that allows me to do it with a button press or two.


So, if you are about to spend a long time on something complex, plan it out and ask your CloverETL team if there is a clever way of doing something complex.


The Advanced Topics shows you some powerful things that you may find useful and is worth you at least being aware of even if you do not want to invest the time to become expert at them.