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A lot of stones to look under

Clover contains a lot of surprises. There are very powerful features hidden away everywhere and one the problems is knowing that these features even exist. Very few people are likely to read and memorize the entire Clover Wiki, which contains lots of juicy information.


In my experience, the best philosophy is the assume that if you need to do something with your data then Clover can probably do it.


This is not 100% helpful, but it should give you the confidence for the following


Clover can meet most data transformation requirements
Check out the Wiki
Check out the Forum
Email with your query if you get stuck. Clover's support team are very responsive.



Know your components

I apologize for stressing this so many times throughout this guide, but really knowing what components are available and what they do (not necessarily exactly how to use them) is important. Here is the link to the Clover component reference by the way