How to Easily Enrich Data Using CloverETL’s Auto-filling feature


Users often need to retrieve data from a data source which does not contain this related data but is easily defined. Thus, it is important to be able to add further information to your source that is not already present in the file (e.g. time stamp, name of excel sheet). Such additional information can simplify further data processing.[Continue reading]

Export from a Database to Excel


I was motivated to write this post by inquiries such as this one on MySQL forum about how to export data from database to Excel.  MySQL is not the only one though, similar requests can be found on Oracle or Postgres forums too. Of course a CSV format or doing some coding is always an option, but Clover lets you generate XLS/XLS(X) effortlessly and with some advantages:[Continue reading]

Partitioning output records into m excel files with n sheets

Settings of XLS_WRITER

Customers often tend to have obscure requirements. In a recent project we faced an interesting issue. Output records had to be split into unknown number of excel files according to their category. In addition, records within each file should have been written in datasheets according to their subcategory. The number of subcategories varied from 1 to 1024, so the whole solution seemed to me quite impractical.[Continue reading]