Sorting Data: ExtSort vs. FastSort – which one is better for me? (Part 2)


In my  previous post I have focused on tips for tweaking the FastSort component – performance sort component available in all commercial CloverETL editions. Today, I would like to touch the original ExtSort component which has been in CloverETL for a while and is available in both commercial and free (Community, opensource engine) editions.[Continue reading]

Joining Data with RelationalJoin

Example graph with RelationJoin.

CloverETL version 2.8 offered a brand new commercial  component called RelationalJoin. It extends the CloverETL pallete of joiner components with new functionality - joining of records with relational operators different from equal (=). This component has two input ports for master and slave data records, and a single output port for joined data records. Master and slave data records are joined and sent to the output port if they are in a specific relation to each other. In other words, it's just another joiner that uses a relational operator to drive the joining process.[Continue reading]

Light Speed Sorting with FastSort

Recently I’ve been struggling to squeeze a little speed increase out of current CloverETL’s sorting component – the ExtSort. Benchmarks show that the performance of ExtSort is very good, yet we again wanted to push things a few steps forward and make them even better. Finally, after a little research and tweaking we came up with a compromise. The development split into two paths – the original ExtSort remained and a new component – FastSort – was introduced in CloverETL 2.7. Let's have a small peek at what it is about![Continue reading]

Upcoming 2.7 Release of CloverETL – Faster Sorting of Data and Improved Reading Data

As of today (Mar 31st), Clover Engine 2.7 branch has been created and the testing/QA process has started. Within approx 2 weeks, brand new version of CloverETL will be ready. It brings many small new features and bug fixes, but also several significant improvements - mostly in speed.[Continue reading]