Launch Services – ETL Transformation as a WebService


Transformations on CloverETL Server can be run by users in a very simple way by using just a web browser and a correct link. When a user click on the link, a transformation is triggered on the Server and requested data are generated. These data can be in several different formats as Excel spreadsheet, CSV file, XML, or HTML. One can even place a form on the web page that serves as a source for parameters for the transformation.[Continue reading]

Loop Execution of Data Transformation


Case study description
Czech Insolvency Registry ( basically contains data about economic subjects that entered insolvency and have financial difficulties with paying off their debts. The registry allows everybody to download data using public SOAP Web Service. It can be done manually or automatically with the right software.[Continue reading]

Data Integration with Web Services – How to Set Up a WebServiceClient

Choose WS operation dialog

WebServiceClient is a new CloverETL component that was released in 2.9 version. It provides an easy intuitive way to interact with web-service technology that has gained a huge popularity in the last few years. The following simple example shows the new component´s functionality. The WS component is user friendly and very easy to use.[Continue reading]