Custom CTL functions in CloverETL


A few weeks ago I published a blog post about how to create a custom CloverETL component. This is great if you have special logic that operates on whole records. But what if you have specific needs when it comes to processing single values, or more precisely, field values? This is where custom CTL functions come into play. In this post, I’ll cover how to extend CTL2, the embedded data transformation language inside CloverETL.[Continue reading]

Transforming Coordinate Reference Systems using CloverETL – A Use Case


A common task an ETL tool has to deal with nowadays is the emergence of data containing a form of geographical information. Just like any other type of data – monetary values, times and dates, etc. – geographical data pose interesting challenges to an ETL developer. Working with different Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) within a project is a common difficulty. Typically, two or more software systems need to exchange geographical data, but each one of them uses a different CRS.[Continue reading]