Versatility of the File URL Attribute Used in Readers of CloverETL

File URL Dialog

CloverETL allows users to read several different kinds of files. These files may have various formats, they can be located on a local or remote computer, they can be accessed through a proxy, and they can also be compressed into zip, gzip, or tar archives. Users can also read data from the Console, from an input Port, or from a selected Dictionary entry.[Continue reading]

Accessing Files with New File URL Dialog


The CloverETL Designer has a brand new File URL Dialog, which was introduced in the version 2.9. The newly designed file dialog is very friendly and intuitive to navigate. There are a lot of new features and improvements. The dialog is separated into several tabs to simplify navigation. They enable users to easily specify resources such as local files, remote files or shared memory (dictionary). The new dialog is more comfortable to use and has simplified clear design as you can see in the picture bellow. The dialog window adjusts itself according to the context.[Continue reading]