Sending E-mails from Data Transformation (Part 2 – Attachements)

Attachments attribute editor

In my previous post I talked about using the EmailSender component featured in CloverETL 2.8 and later to send messages from inside a running transformation graph. EmailSender is used in cases when you need to compose a message from the data that you process in your graph. For example, bulk mailing computed reports, reporting faulty data to administrators, etc. Read my previous post on EmailSender to learn the basics.[Continue reading]

Sending E-mails from Data Transformation (Part 1)

EmailSender attributes window

If you ever have a situation where you need to send an email from your data transformation, CloverETL gives you several options to do it. If you need to monitor your transformation's health and status, you would be better off with CloverETL Server, which offers plenty of monitoring and reporting features. These can be hooked to an “e-mail” action which sends you e-mail alerts based on predefined rules. This is very useful feature in an enterprise environment. We will hopefully cover these options in some later posts.[Continue reading]