Data Profiling with CloverETL Profiler beta

The process of data integration, data migration, consolidation and other data manipulation projects consists of a variety of steps and tasks. Javlin supports many critical tasks within these projects with a versatile ETL tool that provides technical solutions to transform data and connect different systems and data sources with various data formats.[Continue reading]

Building Data Warehouse with CloverETL: Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2


In the last part of our data warehouse (DWH) tutorial, I showed you how to load a dimension table that stores historical data according to the Slowly Changing Dimension Type 1 (SCD1). In today’s post, I will focus on a Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2 (SCD2) dimension table. I think that SCD2 is the most challenging sub-task of ETL part of DWH design and each ETL architect should be able to deal with it.[Continue reading]

Partitioning output records into m excel files with n sheets

Settings of XLS_WRITER

Customers often tend to have obscure requirements. In a recent project we faced an interesting issue. Output records had to be split into unknown number of excel files according to their category. In addition, records within each file should have been written in datasheets according to their subcategory. The number of subcategories varied from 1 to 1024, so the whole solution seemed to me quite impractical.[Continue reading]