Versatility of the File URL Attribute Used in Readers of CloverETL

File URL Dialog

CloverETL allows users to read several different kinds of files. These files may have various formats, they can be located on a local or remote computer, they can be accessed through a proxy, and they can also be compressed into zip, gzip, or tar archives. Users can also read data from the Console, from an input Port, or from a selected Dictionary entry.[Continue reading]

Connecting to JMS Queue on Glassfish v2 with CloverETL

JMS Connection Factory settings

JMS (Java Message Service) is a Java Enterprise Edition (EE) technology used to allow messages to be sent in a decentralized manner between web clients or end-users. In order to check for new messages or to send outgoing ones, a Java program must successfully connect to the JMS queue in order to proceed with the application. CloverETL graph can be driven or can send such messages. You can connect to any JMS broker from CloverETL using JMSReader or JMSWriter component. In this article you can find instruction, how to create JMS Connection and how to configure the graph to connect to JMS queue on Glassfish application server from CloverETL.[Continue reading]

Processing Data from QuickBase

We have great news for users of on-line database QuickBase from Intuit . CloverETL became a next tool which can be used to manipulate the data in this database. Now you can work with data in QuickBase without restraints and with full power of CloverETL. We introduced several specialized components dedicated for this purpose.[Continue reading]

Upcoming 2.7 Release of CloverETL – Faster Sorting of Data and Improved Reading Data

As of today (Mar 31st), Clover Engine 2.7 branch has been created and the testing/QA process has started. Within approx 2 weeks, brand new version of CloverETL will be ready. It brings many small new features and bug fixes, but also several significant improvements - mostly in speed.[Continue reading]