CloverETL 3.5 ­– What to Expect?

It’s been few months since we released CloverETL 3.4, our most recent production version. As we make significant progress on the next version, I’d like to share a few of the features available in CloverETL 3.5. In fact, some of these were released a few days ago in the milestone version. Want to try CloverETL for yourself? Download it here.[Continue reading]

CloverETL Visions for 2012: Evolution and Revolution in Data Integration

Part one - celebrating 10 years
In 2012, CloverETL will celebrate its 10th anniversary as an open source project. It all started back in 2002. On October 3rd, 2002, version 0.1 was first announced on the Freshmeat (now Freecode) portal. That day, CloverETL’s official life began.[Continue reading]

Exporting Data Transformation Projects to CloverETL Server

Select export

CloverETL Designer in its full or trial version provides integration with CloverETL Server. The CloverETL Server serves as an ETL runtime environment and brings such enterprise features as automation, workflows, monitoring, user management and many others. The integration allows users to design and maintain data integration Server projects locally with their Designers. However, sometimes you may find yourself in a situation when you need to export and deploy a project originally developed locally on your computer to the Server. A quick how-to is described below.[Continue reading]

Loop Execution of Data Transformation


Case study description
Czech Insolvency Registry ( basically contains data about economic subjects that entered insolvency and have financial difficulties with paying off their debts. The registry allows everybody to download data using public SOAP Web Service. It can be done manually or automatically with the right software.[Continue reading]

Designer-Server Integration: HTTPS made easy

Connecting to CloverETL Server over HTTPS

In CloverETL Designer 2.8.0, connecting to CloverETL Server over HTTPS protocol is supported. However, the client requires some configuration including import of client's certificate to the server. Starting with CloverETL Designer 2.8.1, the situation is much simplified. The HTTPS can be used without any additional client configuration.[Continue reading]