CloverETL Designer on Mac OS X Mavericks (Yosemite,…) and Gatekeeper Issue


As you've probably heard, Apple’s move to make Gatekeeper more aggressive in keeping people’s computers clean and safe from unwanted shady applications has created a wave of apps suddenly being marked as unsafe with the release of OS X 10.9 Mavericks. This can happen even though the apps come from legitimate sources, CloverETL Designer being one of them.[Continue reading]

Introducing the most important feature of CloverETL 4.0 – Subgraphs


CloverETL 4.0 is now out, and with it comes a ton of new features. You can read the complete release notes here. In our previous article , we briefly introduced the new main features in 4.0. Today, we are going to dive deeper into subgraph functionality, explaining why are subgraphs a very important feature of CloverETL 4.0 and how they will help you with your data jobs.[Continue reading]

New Features of CloverETL 4.0


Latest production version of the new CloverETL 4.0 is out and our developers are working hard on the next version of CloverETL. You can read release notes for CloverETL 4.0 here.  We will try to explain the biggest changes and new features you can look forward to. Today, we will give you an overview of the most important new features. In the following weeks, we will publish future articles and videos, where we will explain those features in detail and present you with real life examples of these features in action.[Continue reading]

The Data Age – 6 Steps to Steer your Company Towards a Data-Oriented Culture

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In the following weeks, we will bring you articles about challenges many companies are facing in the advent of the Data Age, together with tips and best practices on how to deal with them. In the first part, we will start with the challenge of tackling your data: how to start working with your data, and to make it an important asset of your company.[Continue reading]

Saving the Best for Last: CloverETL at the Tableau Conference in Seattle


After four full days of discussing data, and the opportunities and challenges that come with it, Tableau’s Destination Data Conference in Seattle has come to an end. The event, the third we attended as an official partner of Tableau, and by far the largest of the year, was sold out with over 5600 attendees, many who came to see how data solutions like Clover can empower their Tableau analytics and visualizations.[Continue reading]

CloverETL 4.0 Milestone 2 released. Brace for subgraphs!

Rapid data integration easy with tweaked UI interface.

The second milestone of 4.0 is here so it’s about time to show you what it involves. Milestone releases give you early access to new features and improvements in CloverETL. The second milestones are usually very close to the final production version - nearly all features of the production version are in the milestone release so you can start preparing for the transition.[Continue reading]