Tableau on Tour Conference in London


We’ve just wrapped up the Tableau Conference on Tour in London, organized by data visualization software giant, Tableau. Attending along with our partner, Vision4Data, for a second time (following our first conference, last month at the Hague)  we chatted with dozens of companies and sponsors from numerous fields, who all deal with data on a daily basis.[Continue reading]

Quo vadis, Facebook Graph API? API v2.0 Restrictions


In April 2014, Facebook published a new version of its API. You can find their upgrade guide from v1.0 to the new version v2.0 here. The change is huge, and obviously aims to tighten security and abuse prevention. However, this change also brings a surprising amount of pain and misery to developers. Let me start with a simple scenario: basically search for people I know and contact them. I went through a lot of trouble just to do that! So, I’d like to share my frustration in trying to adopt this new Facebook Graph API. If you agree, commiserate in the comments below.[Continue reading]

Accessing Google API – Google Analytics using CloverETL


Today, reporting and analytics are big. There’s a visible shift in the perception of business intelligence among medium and small businesses. Previously, BI was a domain of big enterprises and intimidating IT budgets; now, it can be achieved DIY-style, with affordable, easy-to-use tools. Data, of course, is a bare necessity for a successful BI project. Thus, having accurate, complete, and effectively combined data sources is a must.[Continue reading]