Connection hangs with MSSQL driver 4.0 and Java 6 update 29 – solution

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While playing around with MS SQL Server 2012 today I got into trouble running queries in the database from CloverETL. The connection initialized, I was able to browse the structure, graph started but no result would come out from DBInputTable or DBExecute.

Looking at the code I found out that the connection got stuck in setAutoCommit(false) call while initializing in CloverETL. Even a simple test code froze on the first call to executeQuery().

StackOverflow had the answer ( the issue was caused by Oracle JDK 6.0 update 29, where SSL would not initialize correctly.

After I updated my Java to JDK 6.0 update 37 all started to work fine. I hope some of you experiencing this annoying behavior will find this helpful.

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