New Release Model Offers Clover Users The Choice

Production and milestone releases

As you may have noticed, the latest CloverETL release is labeled as a milestone release. What does this mean exactly? Well, this release marks the beginning of our new release model that will fulfill two separate, but important requirements that our customers have been asking for: the need for sustained stability in operations as well as the availability of new features as they come out.[Continue reading]

Exporting Data Transformation Projects to CloverETL Server

Select export

CloverETL Designer in its full or trial version provides integration with CloverETL Server. The CloverETL Server serves as an ETL runtime environment and brings such enterprise features as automation, workflows, monitoring, user management and many others. The integration allows users to design and maintain data integration Server projects locally with their Designers. However, sometimes you may find yourself in a situation when you need to export and deploy a project originally developed locally on your computer to the Server. A quick how-to is described below.[Continue reading]

Usability Improvements in CloverETL 3.1

One of the most noticeable set of changes in CloverETL version 3.1 is the interface improvements, substantially improving Clover's usability and understandability. These improvements save both new and old users valuable time when creating or manipulating their data transformation graphs and further cement CloverETL's place as one of the most easy to use ETL tools on the market.[Continue reading]

Win iPad with CloverETL Community

CloverETL Community Edition has been met by a huge interest from the data integration community and confirmed that there was a need on the market for top, free-of-charge data integration software. During the first days after its release,  downloads of CloverETL Community reached almost 70% of all downloads.[Continue reading]