Transforming Coordinate Reference Systems using CloverETL – A Use Case


A common task an ETL tool has to deal with nowadays is the emergence of data containing a form of geographical information. Just like any other type of data – monetary values, times and dates, etc. – geographical data pose interesting challenges to an ETL developer. Working with different Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) within a project is a common difficulty. Typically, two or more software systems need to exchange geographical data, but each one of them uses a different CRS.[Continue reading]

CloverETL Server – LDAP settings


The purpose of this post is to explain the CloverETL Server LDAP configuration and to provide necessary guidance and some how-to's to learn LDAP and CloverETL Server integration. By going through this guide, you will be able to centralize your CloverETL Server user management into your LDAP/Active Directory.[Continue reading]