Data Profiling with CloverETL Profiler beta

The process of data integration, data migration, consolidation and other data manipulation projects consists of a variety of steps and tasks. Javlin supports many critical tasks within these projects with a versatile ETL tool that provides technical solutions to transform data and connect different systems and data sources with various data formats.[Continue reading]

Exporting Data Transformation Projects to CloverETL Server

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CloverETL Designer in its full or trial version provides integration with CloverETL Server. The CloverETL Server serves as an ETL runtime environment and brings such enterprise features as automation, workflows, monitoring, user management and many others. The integration allows users to design and maintain data integration Server projects locally with their Designers. However, sometimes you may find yourself in a situation when you need to export and deploy a project originally developed locally on your computer to the Server. A quick how-to is described below.[Continue reading]