Usability Improvements in CloverETL 3.1

One of the most noticeable set of changes in CloverETL version 3.1 is the interface improvements, substantially improving Clover's usability and understandability. These improvements save both new and old users valuable time when creating or manipulating their data transformation graphs and further cement CloverETL's place as one of the most easy to use ETL tools on the market.[Continue reading]

Address Cleansing and Transliteration with CloverETL and AddressDoctor


Data quality usually goes hand in hand with data integration. The new version CloverETL 3.1 has enriched its data cleansing capabilities through integration with AddressDoctor. AddressDoctor contains address and geo data for more than 240 countries all over the globe. Along with correcting and fixing mail addresses, AddressDoctor can also be used for transliteration of non-Latin writing systems into Latin characters or enriching addresses with latitude and longitude information.[Continue reading]