Spell Checking for Better Data Quality – AspellLookup Table

AspellLookupTable in action.

AspellLookupTable is a commercial lookup table which has been around since CloverETL 2.6. Because Aspell is a free software spell checker, you might  be wondering what it is used for in CloverETL. In fact, AspellLookupTable does not perform any spell checking at all, it "just" allows you to lookup data records with keys similar to the one you provide. This may be useful e.g. when looking for a street whose name is misspelled to a certain extent.[Continue reading]

Connecting to JMS Queue on Glassfish v2 with CloverETL

JMS Connection Factory settings

JMS (Java Message Service) is a Java Enterprise Edition (EE) technology used to allow messages to be sent in a decentralized manner between web clients or end-users. In order to check for new messages or to send outgoing ones, a Java program must successfully connect to the JMS queue in order to proceed with the application. CloverETL graph can be driven or can send such messages. You can connect to any JMS broker from CloverETL using JMSReader or JMSWriter component. In this article you can find instruction, how to create JMS Connection and how to configure the graph to connect to JMS queue on Glassfish application server from CloverETL.[Continue reading]