Introducing Rollup

Simple rollup transform

Rollup is a general transformation component introduced in CloverETL version 2.8. It serves as an executor of rollup transformations written in Java or CTL. Basically, rollup transformations are used to process groups of data records. Each group consisting of M data records may be used to output N different data records. The number of output data records is determined at runtime within the rollup transformation. If no group key is defined, all input data records belong to a single group.[Continue reading]

Meet Joda and get 30% more power!

Joda… don’t get too excited - Clover has (most probably) not contracted a Jedi master to squeeze in a portion of extra power to the product. In the real world, Joda is a quite useful third-party library for handling date and time operations. It has been in CloverETL for some time as an alternative option to the standard Java date implementation. Although not having superpowers of the aforementioned sci-fi character it is well worth being friends with and using it wisely might give your data transformations a noticeable punch in terms of performance.[Continue reading]