Data Profiling with CloverETL


Before you start to develop any data transformation you should explore your data (make data profiling). There are a lot of tools on the market that can help you. But why to install and learn another software when you can use the tool you are familiar with? CloverETL is mainly data transformation tool but it can be easily used for data profiling as well (as I will show you in this blog post).[Continue reading]

Working with CloverETL as a New User

I would like to share my experience with CloverETL as an external person. I study at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA with a major in Computer Science. On my search for interesting internships in Europe I found about Javlin a.s., a company based in Prague. As I wanted to get on hand experience with programming and software development I was immediately interested in this company. It sounded like an appealing opportunity where I could gain a lot of helpful knowledge and work experience.[Continue reading]

Export from a Database to Excel


I was motivated to write this post by inquiries such as this one on MySQL forum about how to export data from database to Excel.  MySQL is not the only one though, similar requests can be found on Oracle or Postgres forums too. Of course a CSV format or doing some coding is always an option, but Clover lets you generate XLS/XLS(X) effortlessly and with some advantages:[Continue reading]

Oracle Uses CloverETL for Data Integration in its OIA Server

We are very happy to have learned that Oracle uses CloverETL for data manipulation in its OIA server. Oracle Identity Analytics (OIA) is a solution that provides enterprise role lifecycle management and identity compliance functionality. See Oracle whitepaper[Continue reading]

Data Integration with Web Services – How to Set Up a WebServiceClient

Choose WS operation dialog

WebServiceClient is a new CloverETL component that was released in 2.9 version. It provides an easy intuitive way to interact with web-service technology that has gained a huge popularity in the last few years. The following simple example shows the new component´s functionality. The WS component is user friendly and very easy to use.[Continue reading]