The Beauty of Inline CTL Expressions

Have you ever wondered how to write data records to a file with current date in its name? Then I've got a brand new solution for you! Since version 2.8, CloverETL supports inline CTL expressions within graph attributes and parameters. What does that mean? It means that you can use attributes and parameters containing CTL expressions which are evaluated dynamically at run-time![Continue reading]

Designer-Server Integration: HTTPS made easy

Connecting to CloverETL Server over HTTPS

In CloverETL Designer 2.8.0, connecting to CloverETL Server over HTTPS protocol is supported. However, the client requires some configuration including import of client's certificate to the server. Starting with CloverETL Designer 2.8.1, the situation is much simplified. The HTTPS can be used without any additional client configuration.[Continue reading]

Processing Data from QuickBase

We have great news for users of on-line database QuickBase from Intuit . CloverETL became a next tool which can be used to manipulate the data in this database. Now you can work with data in QuickBase without restraints and with full power of CloverETL. We introduced several specialized components dedicated for this purpose.[Continue reading]