The Passion Behind CloverETL

CloverETL has attracted thousands of customers by focusing on one thing –
rapid data integration and doing it very well. Here is the team behind that success.

CloverETL is a rapid data integration platform that helps companies get more value from their data quickly—without massive infrastructure expenses or years of project investment. At Clover, we solve data integration challenges expertly. Manipulating and massaging complex data, CloverETL works with data projects, formats, and protocols, even those involving large volumes of data.

Brand Since 2002

CloverETL began as an open source project by its founder, David Pavlis in 2002. Today, more than 2,000 direct customers, plus the many involved in OEM partnerships, use CloverETL worldwide.

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The Management Team

David Pavlis

David Pavlis—President

David brings more than 15 years of experience in consulting for Business Intelligence and ETL products and solutions. During his career in the US and Canada, he gained major leadership experience in IT departments, especially with the Bank of Montreal and Azerty Software. David co-founded the company in 2002. He is a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague in Knowledge Engineering.

Peter Cresse

Peter Cresse—Executive Vice President, Sales

Peter is an internationally experienced sales executive with over 20 years experience in media, satellite communications, and data systems. Working for Fortune 50 firms, Peter has grown business with clients worldwide by providing integrated solutions and commercial offers. Peter is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and holds a graduate degree from Central Michigan University. He is also a former USAF Captain.

Michal Tomcanyi

Michal Tomcanyi—Vice President and CTO

Michal has more than 5 years of IT experience within the finance and logistics industries. He served as a project manager for DHL, responsible for implementing new IT projects within Europe and Asia. Michal joined the company as a development team leader, managing new customized projects for customers worldwide. A graduate of Charles University with a degree in Software Engineering and Database Systems, Michal is a highly experienced ETL architect and developer.

Jiri Vojtek

Jiri Vojtek—Vice President, Operations and Services

Jiri is an internationally experienced Research and Development Executive. He has served in similar roles for companies such as DHL, TicketPro, and UniCredit Bank. Jiri has also successfully implemented software for a major European nuclear power station. He's managed software development projects in Canada, Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Jiri graduated from Brno Technical University with a degree in Information Technology and is an ETL expert. He joined the company in 2005.

Zuzana Vicherkova

Zuzana Vicherkova—Vice President, Finance

Zuzana has served as a Financial Executive in several leading scientific, law, and medical companies in the Czech Republic. Her major focus is in company finance, audit, and accounting, bringing vast experience to the management team. A graduate of Charles University in Mathematics and Physics, she joined the company in 2005.

Alex Donnelly

Alex Donnelly—Sales Director, EMEA

Alex has been with Javlin for over five years and is a graduate of The Georgia Institute of Technology. He developed both major and the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) accounts that depend on CloverETL to manage their data integration needs. In addition, Alex has formed and managed the inside sales operations within Javlin.

Pavel Najvar

Pavel Najvar—Director of Marketing

Pavel is a Java expert and an internationally experienced IT manager. He has served as project manager implementing customized software projects worldwide. A graduate of Masaryk University in Informatics, Pavel spent three years leading the CloverETL development team. After studying at the Kellogg School of Management, Pavel now employs his tech background and business experience as the director of marketing.

A Team of Experts

Our passion is data. A team of more than 60 dedicated specialists, we pride ourselves on our commitment to service and support, helping businesses transform the way they handle and manage their data.

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Who's Using CloverETL?

The Clover team builds upon its software and data knowledge in coordination with our key customers, both direct and OEM. CloverETL provides real value to applications such as BI/Analytics, MDM, ESB, and Compliance, Audit and Risk, and more.

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The Company Behind CloverETL

CloverETL is developed by Javlin, a key provider of solutions and services for mass data processing. If there's data, we're there too, in places like finance, logistics, and healthcare to name a few.
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CloverETL is a data integration platform based on Java. It can be used for many ETL and data management tasks such as data integration, data migration, or data quality. CloverETL can be run as a standalone application or embedded into third party business intelligence (BI) or master data management (MDM) solutions. The CloverETL data integration platform provides means to integrate data from disparate enterprise systems as from ERP or CRM systems to provide a unified view on critical business metrics.